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Housewife’s diary from 1957 found in second-hand shop ‘shows times don’t change’

A shopper who stumbled across a diary from 1957 in a second-hand store has given an insight into the life of its unidentified writer more than 60 years ago.

TikTok user @Otherworlddesign found the journal in a thrift shop in West Tennessee, US, and concluded the woman – known as Nellie – had been a housewife after reading through the entries which were penned every day for a year.

The diary’s finder was left amused by the short summaries and said its original owner “seems like a mood”, uploading videos to show a selection of random pages.

The clips have been watched millions of times as viewers were able to relate to Nellie’s entries, including one from Sunday, February 3, 1957, which simply reads: “Didn’t do anything but eat all day.”

On Sunday, November 10, she said: “Winnie called. Wanted me to come for dinner. I didn’t feel like going.”

Avoiding social events with Winnie seemed to be a recurring theme, with another entry stating: “Called Winnie, told her I couldn’t go to Okla T.J.”

On October 6, Nellie wrote: “We went riding. Stopped in the woods, scared Vicki really half to death. She was poking in a fox hole and I barked like a fox. Boy did she jump.”

In a video captioned ‘Sadly not everyday was a good one for Nellie’, she writes: “It’s awfully lonesome here. It’s been raining every day. We went to see people, no one home, it was raining so we came back home.”

Users on TikTok have loved the updates and urged the finder to update them with a page on a daily basis, as one commented to say: “How times don’t change… ‘All I did was eat all day’. Same struggles.”

A second wrote: “I’m crying laughing at ‘I didn’t feel like going’.”

A third replied: “The fact that the writing isn’t absolutely impossible to read is so satisfying to me.”

Another said: “This is legit my worst fear. Please God let mine be in landfill.”

And someone added their own similar find, writing: “I found my grandma’s old diary once and it said stuff like ‘I’m bored of Jack’. Jack is my granddad.”

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