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The Importance Of Sports In Our Life

Importance of sports

One might confuse sports with games, so it is important to distinguish between them. The meaning of both overlaps over a large area. Sports are more inclined to development of an individual in physical and mental while games might include a higher element of competition which makes them completely different. Though they might feel the same to majority of people, but they are not. Sports helps a person develop a healthy body. To lead a healthy life, a healthy body is necessary. A healthy body helps you defend yourself against people who want to harm you physically.

While it develops muscle mass, sports also improve the health of the mind of a person. A sportsperson will find it easier to fend off negative and depressive thoughts. Sportsmanship promotes friendliness and it goes beyond just the idea of winning and losing. While it creates a sense of competition between people, it also promotes compassion for the fellow sportsmen and their fans. Sports are important part of lives of people, as they are necessary for a healthy community in both physical and mental aspects.


Physical Fitness

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Fitness is very important to live a healthy life. A body which functions properly is important for leading a fulfilling life. Usually people do exercise in gymnasiums to improve their physique. Sports are one of the best ways to develop a healthy body. Muscles and bones are strengthened by playing sports. Different sports sharpen different attributes of the body. Cricket and football are one of the most prominent sports. Cricket increases the coordination between the eyes and the hands, while it also helps with stamina. Football also helps increase the stamina but it also increases the speed. Swimming helps you develop muscles of arms and legs. It also increases the lungs capacity and the duration one can hold their breath.

Similarly, many other develop other parts of the body. Sports not only help you develop a healthy body but also maintain it. Just making a healthy body isn’t enough, it needs to be maintained. Sports also helps in addressing that scenario. Playing sports can help you digest proteins and fats, which otherwise would add to your weight. Excessive weight can lead to obesity and diabetes. These diseases can lead to an unhealthy body, slowly making a person weak. If care is not taken, diseases can also be deadly for the person. Sports help your body fight such infections and diseases. Active people have higher chances of battling and overcoming such diseases. Sports help the body actively fight against different diseases which can occur and deteriorate bodies, which are not active.


Mental Health

A sound mind is important for a sound body. A mind which thinks clearly can achieve what it desires. Sports develop your mind in a positive manner. Sports make you more confident in decision making. Depression and anxiety cannot easily conquer a person who actively plays sports. Athletes house a healthy and active mind, which does not stay stagnant. A mind which is not active is bound to wander off in negative thoughts and ideas. Mental health can deteriorate if the mind is kept free, without any activity. Physical activity indulges the mind to focus on how to play the game. The mind starts to work to devise ways to play better, correcting mistakes and making new strategies.  This helps the mind to grow positively, making it more active. The mind becomes more active through physical exercise.

As sports demand mental attention, they increase the focus and determination. Sports also promote coordination and team work, like football requires each role to be played properly. Many other games also require teamwork, this increases the tolerance and coordination ability of a person. It not only remains limited to sports. It expands in other spheres of life. People who actively play sports find it easier to focus on things as well. Students find it comparatively easier to study and work together in projects. Similarly, people from other fields also find it productive in their fields, when they play different sports. Sports aligns the mind in such a way that it becomes easier for people to work together on different things apart from sports.


Self Confidence

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Apart from building physical and mental health, sports also build self-confidence in a person. Confidence is an important trait of personality of an individual. Without confidence, one would not be able to communicate with people and work efficiently as a part of the society. By participating in sports, one develops a higher self-confidence. When a person plays a sport, he becomes more aware of his actions. When his actions help achieve a good score or positive outcome, it brings a positive reinforcement in his mind. This positive helps the person grow in other fields of life. Sports gives the realization that practice and doing something brings improvement.

People are not usually confident when they start new things. They are not sure that they will be able to perform well in the new task at hand. A sportsperson will find it easier to do new things, as he is more confident in himself. When a person plays sports, he does not always perform well. Sometimes he can make good results while at other times he can fail badly. He knows that there are always ups and downs in life. This realization helps him put more effort every time, he retries to achieve that thing.


Leadership Skills

Sports also create leadership abilities in a person. When a person plays a sport multiple times, he might lose sometime and win at other. It brings the person to the realization that consistency is the key to success. Through this realization, one inculcates a strong sense of leadership. It expands beyond the field of sports, he is more confident in taking decisions and understanding the consequences.

Such a person inspires the community he lives in. People respect such individuals as they acknowledge their confidence and decisions. Such individual has the capability to lead charge of people in different areas of life. They can raise voices against oppression and injustice towards minorities and neglected people. Leadership not only works at social scale but also in personal life. One learns to take charge of his own life, as he realizes that he himself controls it. A sportsman will find it easier to make decisions of his life, than a person who is not physically active. Having control over your life ensures a good and successful future.


Stress Management

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Living in modern world, one thing which is vital to be learnt is stress management. While a person has multiple things to do and closing deadlines, one becomes prone to anxiety and panic attacks. Sports help you manage stress and channel it productively. Anxiety prevents the person from thinking normally and effectively. The mind goes bonkers and is all over the place, creating scenarios which might never occur.

A person who plays sports will comparatively find it easier to control their anxiety and life their life normally. They learn the ability to ignore useless thought processing of mind. They train their mind to work in a proper direction, without over analyzing situations. This does not mean that they do not pay attention to the circumstances they are in. They learn to maintain a balance of mind at such times. They do not over analyze, but they also do not under think about things. They give reasonable attention to things and know the boundary. This is one of the most important traits one learns in sport.



As a quote goes, ‘If you are afraid of failure, you don’t deserve to be successful.’ For a person to succeed in life, he needs to go through loss at times. But he needs to keep trying his best every time. Consistency is the key to success. Sport teaches the value of consistency and how it can transform one’s outlook on life. Sports develop a person physically and mentally. It brings discipline into a person’s life.

Sportsmen have more positive approach on life. While one might see the darker side of things, he sees the silver lining in the clouds. Sports transform the perspective of individuals and creates a better future for them. They learn to channel their emotions and control their minds. Sports help person create an bring out the best versions of themselves. The best version shines brightly in front of others both in physical and mental attributes.

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