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Why you need to clean your mattress (and how to do it!)

Keeping your house clean isn’t just a nice thing to do for any guests you might be having over – particularly in the current climate!

Maintaining good household hygiene can not only protect you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria and viruses, but it can help sustain the quality of a number of items in your home too.

One such item that will benefit from a regular clean is your mattress. It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re thinking of things to wash – or you may think that simply changing the sheets on a regular basis is enough – but keeping your mattress clean is more important than you think.

With the help of TEMPUR®, we reveal why you need to take care of your mattress, and how to do it right:

The importance of mattress cleanliness
It may seem like a big job, but keeping your mattress clean is actually pretty easy – which is good, because doing so is good for your health as well as that of your mattress.

In fact, one of the best things you can do to keep your mattress clean and fresh is to invest in one that does the hard work for you.

A TEMPUR® mattress can help you maintain a fresh bed without as much manual labour.

They come with a removable cover that’s machine-washable at 60 degrees, making it quick and easy to keep your bed and mattress hygienically clean. As well as adding another layer of comfort to your bed, the cover also offers protection that will maintain the health of your mattress, and even you.

This is important because while you are (hopefully) cleaning your sheets regularly, and maybe even giving your duvet and pillows a wash too, your mattress is still holding everything that it’s come into contact with.

That means the average 285ml of sweat that most adults produce every night is still in your mattress, along with a toe-curling number of dead skin cells and detritus from any snacks you may have been enjoying between the sheets. It’s a bit gross when you think about it.

Looking after your mattress and investing in one with removable, washable covers will prevent these things from building up, which will help to discourage dust mites and bed bugs from making themselves at home in your bed, and can also alleviate allergies.

Not only that, but a regular blitz will keep bad smells at bay and help care for your respiratory health, which makes for a more restorative night sleep. And, let’s face it, there is nothing more satisfying than a good night’s rest, is there?

Being kept awake by allergies?
If you suffer from allergies such as hay fever, keeping your mattress clean can really help alleviate symptoms. Here are some other tips that might help:

Air your bed thoroughly before making it to minimise humidity levels in your mattress, which could trap more pollen and dust particles.
Regularly vacuum around your bed, including around the back and underneath it to prevent dust build up.
Invest in a TEMPUR® mattress with an easy zip-off cover that’s machine-washable at 60°C to help maintain cleanliness.
Health benefits aren’t the only advantage of a clean mattress, though. Making the effort to care for your mattress and air it regularly will help it remain in as good-as-new condition for its recommended eight-year life span. Now, considering that mattresses are an investment for most people, it’s definitely worthwhile to take good care of it.

OK, so how should I clean my bed?
Cleaning your bed and mattress sounds like a big job, but it’s actually surprisingly easy.

Firstly, you want to strip off all your bedding and use a vacuum cleaner to clean under and around your bed to remove dust and allergens. On the occasion that you do find any nasty stains on your TEMPUR® mattress, it’s best to refer to the care label, as you may need to treat them in a specific way so as not to void your warranty or damage the material. As the covers on the mattress are machine washable, you probably won’t need to do this very often.

However, assuming it is safe to do so, there are a number of mild solutions you can use to dab stains out. A diluted mixture of washing up liquid and water, bicarbonate of soda and water or a special mattress cleaner can all be used to gently sponge stains away – just make sure you don’t get the mattress too wet otherwise it won’t dry properly and may smell again.

Once you’ve laundered your bedding and it’s ready to put back on your bed, think about using two covers on your pillows to create an extra barrier between you and the pillow itself. TEMPUR® pillows from the classic and ergonomic range all come with covers as standard, which are machine washable up to 60°C. Use these underneath a cover which matches your bedding for added comfort and longer-lasting freshness.

Maintaining a clean mattress
So, whether you’ve just breathed some new hygienic life into your mattress or have treated yourself to a lovely new TEMPUR® one, you’re probably wondering how to keep it in this tip-top condition.

With your TEMPUR® mattress and cover, this should be straightforward, and you’ll rarely need to go to the lengths of a thorough deep clean.

But the answer does vary from person to person. If you are prone to allergies, or have a habit of sloppily eating your tea and biscuits in bed, consider a deep clean about once a month. Otherwise, at least once every six months should be ample.

Actual cleaning isn’t the only way to keep your mattress, well, clean. For example, when you get up in the morning, don’t make the bed straight away. Instead, throw back the covers and give your mattress a chance to air before tucking everything into place; this will help any moisture build up from your sleep evaporate. If you can open a window to get some fresh air in too, even better.

In addition to regularly washing your sheets, it might be worth discouraging cats, dogs, rabbits and all manner of other furry friends from getting into bed with you. As lovely as it is to snuggle up with your pet, you can’t be 100 per cent sure about where they’ve been and what they might bring with them beneath the covers.

Sweet dreams!

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