Language to Cover a Page
Kristen Mueller

Co-publisher: Motto Books
Text insert: Derek Beaulieu
Pages: 316
Edition: 800
Date published: January 2014
ISBN: 978-2-940524-09-9
Price: 22€

Working within a lineage which encompasses Joseph Kosuth’s Purloined (in which the author assembled a single novel from individual pages of different books), Tom Phillips’s A Humument (in which the author creates a new narrative by drawing on top of existing pages) and Ronald Johnson’s Radi Os (in which the author erases words from Milton's Paradise Lost to create a stirring new poem), Mueller has done more than simply “compose the holes.” With Language to Cover a Page, Mueller has carefully aligned excerpts from disparate books—with differing typefaces intact—into two evolving pages. These pages crescendo before our very eyes, a flipbook of accumulating meaning, where with the passing of every page the narrative becomes aware of its own developing presence. —Derek Beaulieu

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Photos: Joji Koyama